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If you're reading this sentence, odds are that you are experiencing some sort of financial challenge or simply want to find a better way to accomplish your most important financial goals.  In our extensive work with middle income families, we've found that income and spending are the most critical success factors in building wealth and financial security.  Specifically, the level of income you earn and how you allocate those earnings will determine, for better or worse, how well you do financially.  To help you get the most out of your income while tackling your most pressing challenges, we've developed a five step process for managing your spending that has consistently delivered outstanding results and positively impacted our clients' lives - checkout these reviews.

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We don't sell any financial products; we don't allow any advertising; and we don't do bullshit.  
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There are all sorts of financial matters that a specialized web application or Excel spreadsheet could make easier to handle.  To that end, we have created a number of free, downloadable spreadsheets for things like vacation expenses or holiday shopping.  In addition, we post links to web applications that help you track your credit score, evaluate your investment portfolio, or get your free annual credit report.  While we continue to develop and deliver software through our app site, we also recognize both the strengths and weaknesses of the personal finance app market. Also, if you need help with something that you don't see, we can generally deliver a spreadsheet or app referral in short order - all you have to do is ask.

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mason jar money challenge

Some of the most memorable experiences in life come while traveling, but saving money for a great trip isn't always easy.  That's why we love the Mason Jar Money Challenge - a weekly savings plan that can help you save $1,378 toward your next adventure.  It's incredibly simple and easy to start because you only need one dollar for the first week.  Each week thereafter, you add another dollar to your weekly savings rate - e.g. week two, you save $2; week three, you save $3; and so on, until you reach the 52nd week.  If you're interested in this novel savings approach, click the button below and checkout the 'Challenge Sheets' photo album.  There, you can see your weekly savings targets and begin the steady march to a great vacation.
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